Thursday, May 15, 2008


This post is for Liz. Liz is in Michigan while her husband (my brother) is in Lincoln. And I just want Liz to know a couple things:

1. Jay is great with Addie
2. She is SO CUTE in the clothes you gave her
3. You were right, Ben is a smitten man with his daughter. He kisses her all over and then says, "remember, Addie, kisses are gross."
4. We miss you and pray for you often

Liz and Jay are in Michigan at Spring Hill this summer and then will be spending a school year teaching in Mexico where the Taylors grew up. Amazing things! Check out Jay and Liz's blogs. And then send them big fat checks so that they can eat next year!

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Elizabeth Taylor said...

Thank you crystal, I love this picture and I feel loved. I miss you guys and pray for you too.