Thursday, May 22, 2008

two weeks

Happy Two Week Birthday Addison Davy

I don't know that I expected to feel this way at 2 weeks. Two weeks with a daughter. Two weeks not working. Two weeks of fitful sleep. Its a strange mix of exhilaration and wonder and exhaustion. Beauty and surprise. Its "I can't believe she belongs to me." My days are full of feedings, diapers, naps, diapers, feedings, kisses upon kisses. I wonder now how I used to live. She's perfect. I tell her that and she smiles knowingly at me. (we pretend that she smiles cause she means to)

You've done well, Addie Ann. You've single-mittened-handedly made us all fall chronically in love with you.


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

wow, way to go little skeeter Addie! The big "fortnight" birthday. Keep the posts coming, Crystal!

Josh and Erin said...

love it! love her!!!

Mark & Katie said...

So cute! Thanks for letting us stop by. Can't believe how beautiful she is and how easy it still is to relate with you two....the years go by WAY too fast without my Crystal time!

- katie <><