Wednesday, November 18, 2009

an anecdote

Addison (18 mo.) and I were hanging out in the living room the other day when she said something to me in gibberish and then disappeared. I assumed that she was looking for a toy and was simply informing me of the fact. Maybe a minute goes by and I'm just beginning to wonder what she is up to when I hear, "UH." It was an uncertain little yelp that I can only translate with "Um, I think I'm in trouble." So I called for her and got up to find out what she needed. She wasn't in her room. She wasn't in the bathroom. Oh, wait, she WAS in the bathroom! Sure enough, another little "UH" confirmed it and I finally saw the bottom half of her legs sticking up out of the bathtub. She was standing on her head, with her hands braced on the bottom of the tub, feet sticking straight up in the air. An upside down exclamation point leaning against the wall of the tub. I was laughing as I pulled my little gymnast out of her predicament. I think she must have been reaching for her rubber ducky on the opposite wall of the bathtub and just flipped over! "Uh, Mom, I can't get up." No drama, no distress. Just one of those embarrassing moments we Davy girls seem to generate almost daily.