Monday, April 28, 2008

I can't help myself

I wanted to post about something else. I really did. I even started it and it was really lame. But I just can't not write about what I think about ALL DAY LONG.

This little person inside me wants to come out now. I know it. BD has been stretching like a maniac. Which means my ribs and pelvis and backbone have been tested for elasticity and been found wanting. I know I want BD to come out. Baby Davy has been Baby Davy too long. Plus, Ben and I extended our GAP preoccupation one step further and found some baby clothes that are ridiculously cute. They need little arms and little legs and a little butt to fill them!

Don't misunderstand me. I'm savoring the quiet moments of late morning with Ben. I'm taking extra long showers on purpose. I am grateful for the (relative) ease with which I can jump (ease) into a car without worrying about a car seat. But I know that just around the corner is a little person that was meant to be in my family. It has a gender and a personality and a sense of humor. I think its time for an official introduction. And it needs to come out so that it can hear about its newest future friend!

So Baby Davy, if you read blogs and if you happen to read mine - know that there is a whole world of people just ecstatic to meet you. Take as long as you need. I know you may need a few more days to get good and ready. You may even need weeks. So grow strong little one. Get your little face all pointed in the right direction. Stretch and wiggle all you need. Throw a few good luck punches at my bladder. And then come on out and meet your mom and dad. We are ready to hold you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008




Tuesday, April 8, 2008

no theory

I usually have theories about things, admittedly random theories at times. I think that Maalox is the mastermind behind a giant conspiracy to sneak lactose into packaged food. For example.

However, i don't have a hidden theory behind this question. It honestly puzzles me and seems to have no explanation at times. What song do you have playing in your head right now? Don't think, just hum.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

one week ago

One week ago, Ben and I were in Kentucky. We were sitting with our friends Scott and Carissa at a quirky, classy restaurant called Natasha's in downtown Lexington. I drank decaf french-press and they tasted international wines to the toe-tappin tunes of a blues band. It was delightful. The whole weekend was a much anticipated and enjoyed retreat - our last vacation "just the two of us." Ben and Scott played 7 games of Settlers of Catan. Carissa and I made yummies in the kitchen and spent some much needed girl time. It was just so good to be us, to be with friends, to be lazy and spoiled.

And Carissa offered to take some pregnancy pictures for me. She is great at what she does. You should check out her blog. She set up the camera and lights on Sunday afternoon and I came away with some pictures that I will treasure always. I'm not super excited about splashing my belly across the blogosphere, but I'll share a few "safe" ones - if you'd like to see the rest, come on over for a visit. We'll drink tea and look at bellies.