Monday, August 25, 2008

Famous Addie

So this is a fun story. A photographer named Roger Bruhn is being featured at the Modern Arts Midwest Gallery above the Mill in the Haymarket. He is doing a series called "About Face" and Addison's picture is in it! Our dear friend Renee Welstead was the person who introduced us to Roger as he was looking for a new baby to photograph for the display. The website calls the series ". . . colossal giclee prints dealing with the human face by renowned local photographer Roger Bruhn." The pictures are being featured all this month so they should still be on display for a few more days. So I guess if you would like a ginormous picture of Addison Davy for a mere $1,500, head on down to the Modern Arts Midwest Gallery and hand over the cash. :) Here is a picture of some of the fam contemplating her hugeness.

Its a pretty sweet project that captures the beauty of aging. So even if you aren't interested in decorating an entire wall with Addison's chubby cheeks it would be worth it to stroll through the exhibit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


And because I didn't post a picture of Addison in the last post. the audacity. She is getting so much better at grabbing things. This is her new favorite grab/slobber toy.

Life without Cheese

Is no life at all. Naturally, the rest of the world may have an aversion to my incessant grumbling about this topic. Therefore, I strive to preserve it for the occasional rant. Like this one. You see, my body doesn't make a sufficient supply of the enzyme lactase. Hence, no lactose (insert "yummy food") in my diet. Addison can't digest dairy. Practically, this means no cheese. At one time, I could have imagined consuming a diet of milk products. Think about it. cottage cheese. ice cream. cheese. cheese whiz. cream cheese. cheese cake. yoghurt. chocolate milk. slabs of butter. to name a few. The contemplation of said diet now gives me shivers. Lots and lots of unhappy. So, I would like to include here a list of the things that I love that don't have dairy:

Hummus, turkey and tomato (from our garden) sandwich on whole wheat bread
ginger cookies
bbq chicken
cereal with soy milk
soy chai
egg salad sandwich with sprouts on toasted whole wheat bread
razzleberry pie from Marie Calendars
mango sorbet
sour gummy candy (did you know that you can lick a gummy bear and it will stick to your forehead?)
black beans and rice
stir fry

Ok. I'm feeling less sorry for myself. And honestly, tofutti ice cream, although made with tofu, is not a shabby ice cream alternative. So here is my challenge. For all of you people with joy in your lives and milk in your bellies, think back to the last time you ate a meal without one drop of dairy (this means no butter. . . really). Let me know what it was - maybe I'll discover another of my favorite non-gas-inducing foods. I'll raise my glass of soy milk to that!