Wednesday, February 27, 2008

tagged by Sarah

My friend Sarah tagged me. I'm supposed write 10 random/weird/unknown things about myself. Thanks, Sarah, for thinking of me - in classic elementary school fashion I feel cool because now I'm "it." And here is my list of maybe not so unknown, potentially random facts:

1. I have no middle name.
2. I had the opportunity to give myself one and chickened in the moment of decision.
3. My list of favorite breakfasts includes malto meal with a peanut butter/honey sandwich submerged inside it, corn bread with syrup and milk, and my father's raisin and rice hot cereal.
4. I have never seen "Forest Gump." Since I can't eat most chocolate I find the central analogy of the film to be inaccessible.
5. In the last 5 years I have been slowly overcoming an allergy to soap.
6. I am such a Spanish nerd that I am ready at a moments notice to dialogue with feeling about the following topic: the cultural and linguistic implications of the existence of the subjunctive for the hispanic experience
7. Ben was the first man I ever dated. Ever kissed. (no, Mom, you can't count the Canadian boy when I was 6)
8. I don't own a toaster
9. I may have an inordinate number of soap boxes, but one of the more significant ones is the current human rights crisis in India for the Dalit (the untouchables) and what it looks like when the gospel has hands and feet for them.
10. I still hesitate momentarily when I check "Caucasian" on surveys.


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

Thanks, those were interseting. AND I learned something :) I still have no idea what #6 says, though.

crystal said...

no worries, Sarah. Its ridiculously nerdy and embarrassing. :)

Cindy Payne said...

I thought the girls in the dorm called you Crystal Louise or Crystal Loraine...that's not your middle name....were they making that up??

confused former dorm mom

Brook said...

I just ate lunch and now I'm kinda grossed out by the submerged PB & Honey sandwich in Malto Meal. Seriously?

Levi Drake said...

Classic Crystal. Thank you.

crystal said...

The middle name - I was supposed to be Crystal Lorraine . . . but a little mess-up on my American birth certificate has left me "middle-name-less." I could have added a middle name when I got married, but it was too much. Just couldn't imagine myself still being me if I was Crystal _______ Davy!