Thursday, February 14, 2008


I was informed that my belly needed to be given more attention on this blog. So here it is. And lest you be concerned that I am not of a positive disposition concerning its current size and roundness, I included a picture of my happy face. Inside that happy bump is a 2 pound, 28 week old gender-unknown child. If it were to receive a progress report (forgive me, I can't help myself) this is what would be sent home:
Baby Davy

size & weight 50th percentile (note, we do not want baby davy to be in the 100th percentile. ouch)
ability to aim for and hit mother's bladder - satisfactory
consistent, strong movement throughout the day - A+
moves on Dad's command - unsatisfactory
makes Mom want to eat like an adolescent boy - A++
overall performance - please come to parent/teacher conferences on May 9th

Little one, I have known you as near as my heart but I have yet to meet you. Can't wait


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

love the 'report card'! Sorry we couldnt make it tonight~ I can not believe you are due in such a short time (haha, though, not to you Im sure).

Alyssa said...

You're so halarious. I can't believe that you can STAND the suspense of finding out the sex...I would be crazy with curiosity!!!!

crystal said...

I think its kind of like Christmas. . . its that much better to be surprised. And I love the idea of being able to announce to everyone who our child is - the admittedly sentimental "Its a ____" !!! These are the things I tell myself when I wish I could peek inside my belly and just KNOW. :) Definitely curious.

Jesse said...

Ok, so i've been CRAVING holding this baby! Is that weird? A. I'm a dude, B. It's not really MY baby (even if I pretend sometimes that I'll get to keep him/her), C. I'm still a dude. Anyway, you are looking splendidly pregnant!


jess&mich said...

I love this! I agree with my husband - I can't wait to hold this baby! Though the connection will be sweet because it is yours & Ben's, I think even more so since our baby was projected to be born around the same time. So even with that added element, this baby is all the more special & dear to us! Oh, we cannot wait to meet this dear one. Love you three.