Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Herman

Well, its official. Melissa and I have embarked upon a new adventure. We had our first band debut at Ben Welstead's birthday party and we have two more shows this month! This Friday, May 1st, we are playing at a fundraiser for Grace Chapel's summer missions trip to Walthill, Nebraska. And then on Thursday, May 14, we are playing from 7pm-8pm at the Crescent Moon coffee shop in Lincoln. Consider yourself invited.


Heather Lea said...

This photo may or may not have been taken at our wedding reception. I recognize the centerpiece that is, well, very centered in the photo. Does this mean I get a cut from the record label when you go big?

Cindy said...

did you choose a name?

crystal said...

Heather. absolutely. The photo is from your wedding . . . and yes, its purely coincidental that Melissa and I are in the picture . . .I really wanted the flower. . . :)

Aunt Cindy. We did choose a name! "Dear Herman" Its a bit of a long story, but for now I think it works! :)

Megan said...

um, is that you on the recorder & Mel on the whistle thing - is that your band - oh my!!!

Miss you loads - dreamt the other day that I was at your house hanging out - it felt so real- was disappointed when I woke up & discovered I was home instead!