Monday, March 16, 2009

An Ode

I watched You've Got Mail this last weekend. It reminded me of how much I love that movie. I am unapologetic. It's just so quotable. And because I love it so much, I'm going to share some of it with you. I know that approximately 4.5 people will think this is even remotely interesting. Again, unapologetic:

"This place is a tomb, I'm going to the Nutshop where its fun!"

"Patricia? I love Patricia. Patricia's great. Patricia makes coffee nervous."

"What is that? What are you doing? What is that; what are you doing? That caviar is a garnish!"

"People do stupid things in foreign countries." "Yes, they buy leather jackets for way more than they are worth. They do not fall in love with fascist dictators!"

"When I get out of here, I'm going to get my eyes lasered. Ugh, where are my tictacs?!"


bret welstead said...

"That's amazing! Can you spell 'dog'?"

"NY152... NY152... He had 152 moles removed so now he has 152 pockmarks on his face?"
"NY152... It could be his address. No, he would never do something so prosaic."

"Are you online?"
"As far as I'm concerned, the Internet is just another way to be rejected by women."

Cindy said...


crystal said...

You guys are great! hilarious! I knew that there were people out there who knew what I was talking about. . .
"Mr. 152 felony indictments"
"Mr. 152 insights into my SOUL."


"That's incredibly ironic. . ."

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

I have seriously seen this movie OVER 50 times and I do not know where the tomb quote is from!


crystal said...

The tomb quote comes from the scene where they are stringing up Christmas lights in the shop . . . the one with:

"that's the beauty of rent control - 6 guys - 250 a month."

"I can't believe you are bringing that up at a time like this. Its like people who brag because they are tall!"

or something like that. . . :)

Casandra said...

I love that movie! I agree, it is very quotable! I have used the "do you ever feel like you've become the worst version of yourself?" quote a couple of times on my own blog. :)
Oh yes, definitely a good movie!

Alyssa Spring Corley said...

"Aren't daisies the friendlist flower?"
Grandfather "Mail, it was called mail."
Hanks "You know I've heard of it...."

Josh and Erin said...

ahhh what a great movie.

I just bought it in the $5 rack at WalMart. What a worth while purchase!