Thursday, March 12, 2009

disgruntled herman

I certainly haven't been blogging lately. I've started a post and ditched it. I've thought about posting. I have not posted. And now, an unnamed family member is "disgruntled" (which, for whatever reason, is a deliciously funny word this morning!).

Dear Disgruntled,
Please accept my most profuse apologies. Words fail me. I have at my disposal a veritable feast of blog topics. My progeny is unquestionably the most attractive 10 month old who ever refused to crawl. My life abounds with adventure. Take for instance the 3 hours I spent yesterday FILING. Weep not, oh bored one! You too can splash about in the sea of delight that is 5 year old paper piles. Indeed, it seems positively ludicrous this very moment that I should have been so selfish. Imagine the insult! Enjoying my life to the full in all this banana mashing glory - subsequently denying my dear friends the escape from their dull drudgery that would be the tales of my spirited life. Forgive me. Unless I am swept away by marauding pirates before the day is out, it won't happen again.


bret welstead said...

I'm in the same boat.

I've tried posted a few times over the past couple months, but have abandoned the posts inevitably. Methinks I need to rethink(s) my blog, maybe give myself a schedule, come up with a long list of topics, and narrow the purpose. That sounds very structured for a creative pursuit, but it might be well worth it for me.

Ministry and parenting keeps me crazy busy, and blogging has gone on the back burner lately. Plus, I find creative outlet in Twitter, allowing me to make a (hopefully) clever quip of 140 characters or less. Much less stressful than blogging, and much more convenient. How nice. :-) Unfortunately, it's also much shallower.

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

I didn't know I was disgruntled about you not blogging until I read that wonderful post--you crack me up!