Monday, September 22, 2008

on a side note

I googled the meaning of my name. This is what I found.
Crystal means:
  • Ice
  • Earth Mineral or Brilliant Glass
  • Crystal (genius)
  • As clear as crystal
  • Clear, Bright
I find myself at the same place I started. What does your name mean?


Lessle said...

my name lesley means Grey Fortress
i never really liked that meaning but reacently found another meaning of holly garden i like it better

Cindy said...

my name Cynthia
is from a word that means
Greek Moon Goddess

sounds high falutin' doesn't it?

bret welstead said...

My name is more commonly spelled Brett, which is short for Breton, an inhabitant of Brittany.


My middle name (Everet) is derived from Everard, which means "brave boar."

So I'm a boring, but brave pig.

On my own side note, I can type all but a single letter of my full name with just my left hand... er, hoof. :-)

Josh and Erin said...

You forgot one meaning for your name. I believe its also a common form of methamphetamine.

I'm pretty sure Erin is Irish for really really drunk. Eek.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

Martha means Lady.

That's so nice. =)

Ryan = Kingly
Ethan = Firm, Strong
Garrett = Rules by the spear


crystal said...

This is hysterical! Very entertaining. Funny how names can mean such odd things. And yes, thank you Erin, my name is indeed a drug reference. :)

Miriam H. said...

Miriam means "bitter", "rebellious" or "loved one". I think I like "loved one"

Leanne said...

Modern name combining the names Lee (dweller by the wood or clearing) and Anne (gracious, full of grace). Alternatively, it is a variant spelling of Lianne (sun). I'm a gracious wood dweller?:) I also found that it could be of Hawaiian origin meaning goddess of canoe makers which could go along with wood dwelling right?:)

That was from googling it, other than that I've been told it means contented one for the spiritual meaning...not true for me but something to be attained.

aubrey payne said...

elf queen
how fitting...