Friday, July 25, 2008

The Wedding

Ben, Addison and I went to a wedding in Pennsylvania last weekend. I thought I'd post some pictures for you all to see! Ben and Andy Gear have been friends since they were boys playing ninja in Andy's basement. Andy lived right down the street from the Davy's in Norfolk so many childhood memories for Ben involve the Gear family. At the rehearsal dinner, Andy introduced Ben to everyone and said that he has a picture at home of the two of them plus Andy's brother Greg and Ben's brother Jesse in a bathtub together. This was to illustrate how long they have been friends (for the sake of your peace of mind, at least 5 years. . . ). It was just great to see how much joy and commraderie is shared by Andy and Ben - it meant a lot that we were there. Andy and his now wife met in East Asia while teaching English with ELI. They will be going to seminary in St. Louis and we are pumped about them being in the same continent and even within driving distance!
Andy and Hannah as they left the church. We love Andy. We think he's stellar. Andy is definitely marrying up. :)
This is the house that we got to stay in during our time in Harrisburg. It was HUGE and beautiful. This is a view of the back side of the house; behind the camera is a tennis court and a private lighted baseball field. Let me say that again. Private Lighted Baseball Field. We stayed in the apartment above their garage that was roomy and comfortable. The people who so generously let us stay with them are called the Parmers. They stocked our kitchen with food, prepared the apartment beautifully for us and were extremely generous with their time. Definitely a highlight of the trip.
And this is my friend, the one and only, Jessi Noblitt. She flew out with me and Addison (we had separate flights from Ben) and was an incomparable fellow traveler. It was delightful getting to spend so much time with her. She made traveling with a 2 month old very doable! And since we rarely get chances to really catch up, I LOVED the times of chilling out and talking. I have never met anyone who gets so much joy from caring for other people.

And now we are home and finally back into our regular routine. Addison has been glad to be home and around her familiar smells. She's been a little clingy and fussy - understandably with all the adjusting she was doing over the long weekend. So good to be back to the swing of wonder and the butt-vibrating bouncy seat. :) I feel the same way, Addie Ann.

Finally, in case you haven't checked, the comments section of the last post is great - I've truly appreciated the input. Check it out and give me your thoughts if you are so inclined.

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