Monday, July 7, 2008


I wonder if we would feel differently about Mondays if they were on a different day of the week. . .

Mondays are my days to be productive. I do laundry on Mondays, buy groceries for the week, go to staff meeting, attempt to catch up on emails. The last two weekends we have gone up to Norfolk for Friday and Saturday, and I know that we wear the same number of clothing articles in Norfolk but I feel like we have twice as much laundry. This is inexplicable.

When I get it all done on a Monday I feel pretty good - like I'm ready for whatever the rest of the week will hold. It would be misleading for me to let you imagine that this happens every Monday. Sometimes I don't brush my teeth until 4pm. whew, now that we have that out on the table, I can also admit to rarely flossing.

On a side note, if you were unable to participate in the Choose your Own Adventure series, click here for the first chapter. The comments section lists the votes. Thanks to everybody who contributed! Good times. :)


bret said...

Let me know when you hold your first "Rarely Flossing Anonymous" meeting. I'll be there. :-)

For the record, I dread Tuesdays. Today for example: meeting at 8am, busy-busy-busy from 9-2, meeting at 2pm, meeting at 4:15pm, first chance to hang with my family at 6pm, rehearsal at 7pm, hopefully home to hang with Tracie by 9:30pm. Yuck.

Ah, well. If it weren't for a busy Tuesday, I'd probably have to stretch the busyness across the entire week, then I'd be in big trouble.

Leanne said...

Too funny Crys...I have to comment because I have forever been stumped with the fact that we always have seemed to have more laundry after being in Norfolk too! I've never figured it out as I don't change every two hours or anything. Too funny you experience the same thing!