Tuesday, March 18, 2008

los pies

Its been a while now since I've been able to see my toes. I discovered recently that I can no longer see the bottom half of my belly either. Its underside disappears right after my belly button. This is strange. I'm pretty reconciled to not seeing the back of my head, or my shoulder blades, or even the underside of my knees . . . but my toes?!? Don't get me wrong, I do not have my sisters feet. I don't miss the sight of them for any aesthetic value they may add to my life. But they've been a pretty constant companion these last 25 years . . . and to see them but infrequently is an adjustment. So I painted my toes tonight. Getting to them was the tricky part, but I waved the little brush around in their general direction and managed to keep the color on my feet and not on the couch.
I'm ridiculously proud of myself.

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Cindy Payne said...

I remember those feeling well!!
keep the toenail polish flowing!!