Monday, March 17, 2008


Ben and I had several great conversations with people this weekend. The kind of conversation that you wake up thinking about the next day. I find myself replaying snippets of the dialog in my head, discovering that I've been given a wider understanding of what it means to care deeply about the world I live in. One of the conversations happened last night over 3 pounds of popcorn with very dear friends. We talked about inequality, racism, genocide, and the realizations that call us into action. We talked about politics. We disagreed. We came to a common expression of discontent and frustration - to anger over the "least of these" who inevitably suffer in the meantime. And I was once again resolved to care deeply about injustice, to surround myself with people who care, to DO something.
And then I got a speeding ticket today.
I wasn't in a hurry. I was passing someone who was going "too slow." I was going 43 in a 35 zone when I saw the cop car swing out behind me.
And I was angry.
I don't get speeding tickets. I don't go to STOP class. I'm the one who could find myself looking into the my rear-view mirror at flashing lights, thinking of reasons why I don't deserve to owe 119 dollars to the Lincoln Police Department!
Because I think I love the idea of justice when I am undeniably on its side.


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

good grief that's a lot for 8 mph over the limit. At least you have the option of STOP class, once you're 19mph don't (of course, I was 20 over...)!

ReneeW. said...

here's to a renewed commitment to justice....and going the speed limit! Love you guys