Monday, March 1, 2010

An end

I haven't posted in a while. Snow is cold. oreos are yummy. (since I seem to have a knack for stating the obvious)

I've decided to close down this blog. Its been a good outlet for me and I am certainly grateful for those of you (mother) who have read and commented. However, I've become a mother of two and the free time that I wring out of a day is sacred. And I want to write music. So instead of blogging in the next year I would like to become a better song writer. This is my hope. Feel free to ask me about it. At present, I find that my few moments of precious quiet are spent contemplating with substantial guilt the accumulating dust on our dining room piano. Appalling.

So thanks. And feel free to follow the life of our family at my daughters' website

Crystal D


lori taylor said...

Well. You have been an articulate post-er, an edifying phone convers-er, an accurate proclaim-er in song. And taking a break in short novel writing and sporadic musings could be wise. But, oh I will miss those peeks into your mind.

Danielle said...

Sadness, but understandable... being a mother of two such beautiful girls and all.

Megs said...

i was reading too. I'll miss you. I'll have to call you now, or even visit.

Ben said...

Ending's are always bittersweet... but if this ending means the beginning of more music from you, then I'm very excited. I hope you're able to find more quiet moments. And anytime you need a multi-musician backup man, please let me know. ;)

Mark & Katie said...

I will keep watching Addie's blog to see photos of the family. I agree with Ben. I look forward to music from you! Love you!

Anonymous said...

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