Thursday, August 20, 2009

A note on pregnancy jazzercise

I feel compelled to comment.

1. Jazz. Not techno. I thought there would be jazz.

2. How many times can a normal person "double step to the right" in a 60 minute segment?

3. I've never looked that good in workout pants.

4. We are pregnant, not post-surgery, not decrepit, certainly not dead yet.

5. I'm pretty sure the Lincoln City Library employee was mocking me when I picked up the dvd.

disclaimer: I recognize that in 5 months I will no longer be rolling my eyes when the woman urges "work it" to women walking in place. . .


Mark & Katie said...

Wait...did I miss something? Are you pregnant? Did I know this? I'm appearing quite confused and wondering if my lack of sleep over the past 6 months has made me crazy.....if you are....CONGRATS!!!

Josh and Erin said...

yeah!! :) I would love to work out with you!! :) Congratulations again! : )