Monday, June 22, 2009

Father Davy

Yesterday was Father's Day. Ben and I continued the tradition of giving Cabot cheese to our fathers. And for the second time, Ben Davy celebrated father's day. I told him this - there are few things that make me fall in love with him all over again more than seeing him interact with Addison. He's just great with her. She knows that he loves being with her. She laughs so freely with him. He can make her a giggling rowdy mess in seconds. He can calm her. Ben prays over her, he cares about her heart growing in safety and love, he is strangely oblivious to pacifier germs. So, because Addison can't say it or write it yet in crayon, I will. Happy Father's Day, Ben. Being a father is just a magnifying glass of the heart to shelter and serve that you have always had. We love you.

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Mark & Katie said...

AMEN!! LOVE watching my husband become a father and how much he LOVES being her daddy. :) Makes me love him even more...which I didn't think was possible. Can't express how much it blesses my heart to see such wonderful fathers with tender hearts for their children.