Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ok friends,

I need your help. I need a band name. A good band name, that doesn't connotate long skirts, hemp or circles of love. Any ideas??


Carissa said...

Is this for YOUR band? Or for the church band? A band of gypsies?

bret welstead said...

Give us some more details. I take it there will be no long skirts, hemp, or circles of love in the band. But what will there be?

I'll also suggest steering clear of "Big Toe Co." "Professor Griff" "Tall Lacy Dog" "Satellite 77" and "digory." They've all been used before. :-)

Here's a few random ideas:

Literary reference: Cloister
Latin reference: Fiat Lux (let there be light)
Obvious: Squares in Short Skirts


crystal said...

Thanks Bret. I'll avoid the names mentioned. . . although I always thought digory was great. More details?

two women. guitar/piano.

Cindy said...
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Heather Lea said...

"Hallie" it means "praise the Lord"

lori taylor said...




you know, one word noun or verb that tells a lot more than it says

Brook said...

The first thing that comes to mind is:
Had Two
Had Too

I usually come up with band names that just shouldn't be, so this assignment is hard.

A favorite from the past: Unevenly Yoked

bret welstead said...


Doesn't it roughly translate out as "sound" or something close to that?

Plus, it's an anagram for Addison.

Megs said...


That's all that popped into my head, but it's midnight, so might not make a whole lot of sense - or even be spelt right!!

Ben Davy said...

The Sojourners...kind of the story of your lives.

Cindy said...


in Hebrew it means a gift for Him

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

drop it like it's hot


Renee said...

I'm stickin with my previous suggestion....The Hermans. Who cares if that name is taken by some band in Montana! Montana is practically another country anyway, right? :)

crystal said...

Once again, my friends come through for me! These are all great ideas. Martha, genius. :)