Monday, December 8, 2008

tastes of childhood

I was concocting a little dinner just now - rice with butter and soy sauce - and was taken right back. There are just some flavors that carry tremendous amounts of nostalgia. I would like to share a few of my nostalgic flavors with you.

1. rice with butter and soy sauce (it struck me for the first time tonight that this may not be a normal dinner option. . . created by budget savvy parents???)
2. pinole - this is a crushed popcorn beverage that the Tarahumara drink. we drank ours in milk with sugar. a very common snack in the Taylor household.
3. chile and sugar. in any form. trust me, there are many forms
4. cornbread in milk with syrup for breakfast
5. popcorn and hot chocolate (must be eaten with a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie)
6. Dad's famous "hot rice cereal" with or without the bloated raisins - I just read that and it sounds disgusting, it really isn't
7. plain yoghurt with jello powder sprinkled on top
8. coke from a bottle.

what are your favorite childhood flavors?


womeninhisimage said...

1. warm homemade chocolate pudding
2. orange Sunkist
3. a dessert my grandma made with RedHots candy
4. Lick 'Em Sticks at the pool -- they tasted a little like chlorine
5. my Dad's christmas fudge

These are all sweets!! No wonder I had cavities in my baby teeth. -- meg

lori taylor said...

um....YOU ate cornbread with milk...I have yet resisted and eat cornbread only with syrup. And don't forget we made mashed potatoes with chicken gravy as a main dish (Jay's fave)and homemade granola to stir into plain yogurt. And star soup. I miss those days!

miriam h. said...

arroz con leche with cinnamon...mmm. coconut ice cream. chihuahua cheese and corn tortillas. rice with dorothy lynch dressing (sounds weird, but it's good!)

bret welstead said...
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bret welstead said...

1. Homemade noodles with chicken.
2. My grandma's Christmas cookies:
a) those almond-flavored cookie balls coated in powdered sugar;
b) cherry mash;
c) peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's kiss pressed in the middle;
d) peppermint cookies right out of the freezer;
e) some sort of marshmallow coconut chocolate bar.
3. Oven-cooked pheasant in gravy with wild rice.
4. Biscuits with honey.
5. Pancakes and gravy (weird, I know).

Can you tell it's close to lunchtime?

Alyssa Spring Corley said...

Have you noted that one of the key ingredients in all of these "snacks" is sugar?