Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am not

But after this weekend, I have sung his songs 5 times at different weddings.
This last one was a blast. Congratulations Courtney and Levi!!


bret welstead said...

Is that Phil Wickham? What song?

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

seriously--I dont know who that is...BUT

did you get your diaper I stuck in your doorway? :)

I looked at your house for the LONGEST time thinking, "Did I get the wrong house? Do I not remember if it was maroon and cream colored?"....until it hit me--your fence is gone!!!

crystal said...

Yes, nice work. Phil Wickham it is and the songs were "You're Beautiful" and "Divine Romance."

haha - yes, the fence is gone and it totally changes the face of the house. Thanks for the diaper! I hope you liked it. One word, friends. Bum Genuis.